Looking for a Trendy salon in Finsbury Park?

IMG_8945As seen in ‘TIME OUT‘ magazine, guys this salon is bursting with personality, class and professionalism.

We have been established now for over 9 years, Chaps and Dames is now a permanent feature to the Stroud Green road  in the up and coming Finsbury Park area and welcomes men, ladies, girls and boys to it’s very unique, stylish and comfortable venue to experience a personal and expert service of hairdressing/colouring. We listen to BBC Radio 6 all the time, and monthly live jazz piano whilst styling you savy for the weekend with a complimentary cold beer on us!!  We play cool old school movies on the flat screen in the shop positioned in a way that everyone can watch it while having their hair cut, cool as!!

IMG_8982The stars of our shop are; the amazing Salon Director Stylist Kelly Marie (hair dresser to the stars!) Then we have the incredible Head Stylist  Davidas   flown out especially for you all the way from Lithuania ladies and gentlemen!! Next up is Senior Stylist Sotos. Hailing from Greece, Sotos is a man of many talents and an absolute whizz with a pair of scissors. From running and owning his own Salon out in Greece we are thrilled to have him with us. Our newest member to the team is yet another wizard from Greece, the amazing Theo.  Fresh from a Salon in the City, Theo joined us last month and has proven to be an amazing new addition to the team. Between cutting hair and singing aloud to whatever is on the jukebox, Theo has been known to Tap dance around clients whilst mid hair cut! With her swift cups of tea and precise receptionist skills CHLOE (Kelly’s cousin who stands guard by the cash register when she’s not busy washing hair or sweeping up!) is the youngest of the team. Second in command and project managing our sexy joint is Paul’s right hand man Danny. With his classic rock and roll creed, sharp sense of humour and twinkle in his eye, he’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face ladies and a beer in your hand guys.

Last but not least last Ladies and Gentlmen, the salon’s owner Paul Federici and founder of Chaps and Dames is a sophisticated man…. His great mind and drive as a leader, oopps, sorry, was getting a little carried away just then with that introduction ….no seriously, this guy believes in Chaps and Dames and the team he has working with him. His purpose and sole belief is that Chaps and Dames customers should be treated like stars and has hand picked the team himself who can help pursue and sustain such a representation.  When Paul is not singing and playing on the shop’s piano or welcoming guests, he too is a contending ladies and gents stylist, so why not pop in and say hi to the guys!?

A Salon with a Difference
….REMEMBER, when you spend your money at Chaps and Dames you are investing in young people and the future of Finsbury park. Chaps and Dames trades fairly with all it’s staff being paid above the minimum wage salaries including paid leave. Our team, with their dynamic talent as individual artists, each being unique in their very own approach to hairdressing deserve to earn a fair living and that’s what Chaps and Dames stands for.

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